Admission to a program at GLOBAL EDUCATION & TECHNOWORLD is based on eligibility norms as defined time to time. However, as the project mainly aims at creating computer awareness among people, there is neither age nor qualification bar. Any aspirant from school students to executives, employees, housewives and all who would like to give their future a new shape can apply for this programme. ** Your admission to a programe is not transferable to any other individual nor the fees once paid is refundable in any condition. To utilise this golden opportunity, you have to fill the application form provided along with this Prospectus. It is to be noted that a student though buying a prospectus from one ASC, can enroll in any of our GLOBAL EDUCATION & TECHNOWORLD ASC. The details of admission can be obtained from ASC or Paper Notification or through Student Prospectus and website: Student has to clearly fill the admission form with all requisite documents at the time of admission. Once the Registration is confirmed at Head Office, only up gradation in course shall be entertained and not otherwise.


  • Students are provided with all the information they need, before, during and after their course.
  • The website and student handbook also explain the institutes Learning Support Policy and Atten dance Policy.
  • Faculties/Trainers, under the guidance of the Course Co-ordinator, are expected to add value to the basic syllabus. Unless otherwise specified, it is their responsibility to plan lectures and handouts from the course syllabus, and to deliver them to students in a way that is most readily cessible to them.
  • Students are provided with an appropriate level of learning support, if required or requested
  • Student progress is monitored by the institute, according to individual and objective standards.