Requirements and Procedure of Applying for a Franchisee of GLOBAL EDUCATION AND TECHNOWORLD.

  • A space of about 500-800 square feet or less depending on the town/city. The place should have a peaceful environment for educational institute and facilities for drinking water and toilets.
  • A Minimum of 7 computers is required with probation of increasing the number of computers as and when the student increases.
  • The person applying for the franchisee should be qualified and should have knowledge of computer
  • Rs 10,000 has to be deposited as advance for inspection out of which Rs 5000 is non refundable if the inspection is negative.
  • Once the inspection is done , and the outcome is positive the rest of the amount needs to be paid and the agreement has to be signed within 10 days
  • The agreement will be valid for 3 years. the agreement can be renewed after a fresh inspection and a renewal fee
  • Payments should be made in cash / cheque / Bank transfer or demand draft
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